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Multi mirror upload - Host and share files

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Upload files to multiple mirror file hosting servers. Multi Upload with multisiteUPLOAD.com .
Is very simple and easy to use file sharing website. It really does not need any signup, you will just have to upload your file and you will get a url to share with your friends or anyone else. Free Service.
Upload to multiple file sharing sites. Music, video, photos, images, files, pdf, zip... to +50 Hosts in just 3 steps.

You can now try to multi upload a file.
Once you uploaded a file, you can put the download link for the file in your own website.
With this, you can take advantage of visitors coming in and returning to your site to download the files.
You now have multi file hosting business with zero cost.

Step 1   File to upload to multi mirror sites

File must be less than 100 MB. (letters, numbers and - . _ symbols allowed)
Compressing your files can often lessen upload times and is highly recommend.

Step 2   Free Email Report

Enter an email address to receive a complete upload report. (100% free spam)
Recommended when you want to upload files larger than 50 MB or choose more than 10 mirrors.
If there are many conected users the upload process may take several minutes or may fail.
Once completed, you will see a confirmation message in your email.

Step 3   You can select up to 20 free mirror hosts

Free Multi File Hosting and online file storage expert. File Hosting, online file storage, Music File Hosting, Video File Hosting. For all your collections... Click on your preferred hosts.

multisite UPLOAD enables Local and Remote, Any-to-Any, Data Mirroring for Disaster Recovery and Remote Backup. multisiteUPLOAD.com makes optimum use of network resources by including features that minimize data traffic while maximizing performance over any available bandwidth. From now, you can upload files to many supported file hosting services and share your mirrors on your site.

Benefits of using multisiteUPLOAD.com services

- It saves your time and bandwidth.
- Downloaders of your file have more choice to download from their preferred hosting services.
- Avoid being forced to buy premium accounts.
- Since the file is uploaded to as many as +50 file upload sites, you can consider dead links as a thing of past.
- Fast Remote URL uploading supported.
- Multi Site Upluad is the website with more free mirrors for your files.
- You can share the links by email or put links on websites, blogs, forums, social networks...
- And finally multisiteUPLOAD.com is rock solid, very reliable and completely free!

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